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INTPR (Press Release) – Jan 6, 2010 – Walnut, CA – One of the most popular alloys found in high quality r/c parts is 6061-T6 aluminum. In the 1950s the Aluminum Association adopted a four-digit numerical classification system for wrought type aluminum materials. The first digit, the six, states that this alloy contains certain percentage of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon; giving the alloy good formability, corrosion resistance, and strength. The -T6 designates aluminum alloys that have been thermally treated and artificially aged for additional hardness.

When maximum strength is needed in an aluminum part they are machined from billet. Basically, “Billet” means a solid “chunk” of aluminum. The part is machined out of a single block of aluminum such as bar stock as it was produced at the foundry. Parts made in this manner are superior in strength and don’t have the stresses of

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INTPR (Press Release) – May 22, 2009 – Walnut, CA – The only way to be sure you’re buying a genuine Integy product is to buy directly from Integy or an Integy authorized dealer. Integy products purchased by consumers directly from Integy or an authorized dealer, whether online, by telephone, from a catalog or in a store, are genuine, factory-new and carry the Integy limited warranty.

There are growing numbers of counterfeit products in the marketplace. Integy has become aware of sales of counterfeit piggyback shocks and various hop-up components by unauthorized sellers on popular auction and other e-commerce websites.

fake Integy piggyback shocks
fake Integy piggyback shocks

In some cases, sellers located in China or Hong Kong claim to be selling genuine Integy products, but these products are fake.

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by Mike C. Lee on March 28, 2009 – I recently had a chance to sit down and have a one-on-one chat with Integy CEO Arthur Tsui.  There was lots to talk about, and he answered questions about, among other things, r/c hobby, Integy products, and competition with emerging new hop-up part suppliers.  Quotations below are based on my notes and roughly accurate.

The Hobby

I asked Arthur about his view on the hobby in general and the state of the hop-up part business.  Arthur said that the company has been in business for 16 years and they have seen the ups and downs with market fluctuations.  In general, though, he says the most important part of the hobby is that people must be able to enjoy the process of learning, building and tuning their r/c models.

“It’s about having fun while learning how to build your models from ground up.  Building, customizing, tuning and experimenting is what the hobby is about.  You’ll feel

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new warehouse facility

new warehouse facility

INTPR (Press Release) – June 28, 2008 – Walnut, CA – In order to accommodate its growing product line and to meet inventory demand, Integy Inc., a hobby product supplier, has moved to a new 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The new facility opened on June 18, 2008 and is located at 4010 Valley Blvd #110, Walnut CA 91789.

“Moving the fulfillment and inventory arm of our business to a new warehouse space is an exciting transition and we look forward to continuing our rapid expansion of new product lines over the next year,” states Arthur Tsui, President and CEO.

The new warehouse facility will initially be staffed by ten full-time pick-and-pack staffers, with an expected need for additional employees later this year.

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How come some of the Allen hex tool tips are gold color?

We’ve seen a few listings on Ebay selling titanium color aluminum parts.  Don’t be confused titanium color with the real titanium alloy parts.  Read about the titanium element here:

Are you are interested in DIY aluminum color anodizing?

Jeremy C.
What an easy purchase! Exactly the product I wanted for a great price, shipped fast and with zero hassle. Internet shopping doesn’t get much smoother than this. Thanks guys!

Tim L.
This is one of the best online stores I have shopped from. The customer service is head on, reliable and have a very fast response time though email. Shipping is fast and fairly priced to Vancouver. Purchasing couldn’t have been easier for an online store either. Would definitely shop here again and recommend to others.

Order arrived promptly. Prices are great – even on a hard-to-find item!! I will definitely be back. Thanks!

Fred D.
I received my order yesterday and I must say I am very happy with not only the product but the customer service. The item that you recommended for me was a perfect match. If only more business’ practiced like you. I look forward to many more future purchases through you and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you.

Frank L.
Just wanted to send all of those involved with my order a note of thanks for the fine service I receivd. My order arrived 1 day earlier than estimated, it was sent out promptly, and the fit of the part on my truck couldn’t had been any better if it had been made by Traxxas! I will be back to do more business with your fine company in the future. Integy online support remains excellent – second to none!  Thanks again and have a great day!

Carl T.
I have recently brough a set a hex wrench. I like it! I use it to take apart and build all my r/c with it. Your tool is clearly better than others out there.

David S.
Wow – what service! Thanks for the PROMPT response to my problem. I really do appreciate the effort you folks put in.

I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’m a huge fan of your products. I’ve been using Integy parts for almost a year and they are awesome.

Brice H.
I really appreciate all your hard work and prompt response in resolving this… Thanks!

Thank You – Quality Product. Quality Service. Integy Rocks. I’ll be ordering more parts this week. Awesome. 🙂

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