Our Billet Machined Hop-up Parts

INTPR (Press Release) – Jan 6, 2010 – Walnut, CA – One of the most popular alloys found in high quality r/c parts is 6061-T6 aluminum. In the 1950s the Aluminum Association adopted a four-digit numerical classification system for wrought type aluminum materials. The first digit, the six, states that this alloy contains certain percentage of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon; giving the alloy good formability, corrosion resistance, and strength. The -T6 designates aluminum alloys that have been thermally treated and artificially aged for additional hardness.

When maximum strength is needed in an aluminum part they are machined from billet. Basically, “Billet” means a solid “chunk” of aluminum. The part is machined out of a single block of aluminum such as bar stock as it was produced at the foundry. Parts made in this manner are superior in strength and don’t have the stresses of a casted part due to uneven heating and cooling. The structure of the grain has not been disrupted because material has only been cut away from the original piece and no excessive heat has been generated.

The casting production method is not used in genuine INTEGY machined parts, only the highest grade wrought type alloy is utilized. All of our billet machined products are made from either the 6000 or 7000 series material. For example, 6061-T6 & 7075-T6.  The 6000 series are alloyed with magnesium and silicon, are easy to machine, and can be precipitation-hardened, but not to the high strengths that the 7000 series can reach. 7000 series are alloyed with zinc, and can be precipitation hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminum alloy.

Latest developments are driving our overall production costs lower for some of the more exotic materials. Now, we are starting to use more forged aluminum, carbon fiber and other non-metallic materials in r/c aftermarket part constructions. As time goes by these materials will prove themselves to be even more reliable as the best billet machined aluminum components.